From Chris Standring...

Although I decided not to transcribe my guitar solos for this album (finding the time to do such an enormous amount of work becomes rarer these days) I did want to offer the music and arrangements so you can play along to the original album tracks, or have the music so you can perform these songs live in your own ensemble.

Here's what you get in each of the 10 downloadable zip files:
  • Album track minus solo guitar (tv track)
  • Pdf of complete score
  • Pdf of gtr melody lead sheet + chord changes (notated)
  • Pdf of original keyboard part
  • Pdf of original bass part
  • Pdf of violin 1 part
  • Pdf of violin 2 part
  • Pdf of viola part
  • Pdf of cello part

There is no guitar tablature in this set. Everything is traditional music notation.

If you don't yet have the Electric Wonderland CD, I can also send you a physical CD of the original recording in the mail too so your audio experience won't be limited to just your computer or ipods. Just select the appropriate buy button below.

Each pdf chart is high resolution and prints beautifully. You can see samples of exactly what you will get in the left menu <=

If you are not yet familiar with the album, you can preview it in the listening room. (a new window will open).

Option #1
Electric Wonderland band parts, score & play along set $47
(includes a physical CD of Electric Wonderland sent to you in the mail)

Option #2
Electric Wonderland band parts, score & play along set $37
(does not include a physical CD of Electric Wonderland)

Please note: The band parts, score and play along files are all digital downloads so you will get access to these files immediately. You will not be receiving these files by regular mail. However, in addition to these downloads, (if you select option #1) you will be sent a physical CD copy of "Electric Wonderland", the original recording via regular mail. A shipping fee will be applied ($4.00 USA orders, $7.00 international orders)