The Chris Standring Songbook

76 Chris Standring compositions all in jazz real book format.

Spanning 11 solo albums. Including songs from the albums:

  • Solar System
  • Velvet
  • Hip Sway
  • Groovalicious
  • Soul Express
  • Love & Paragraphs
  • Blue Bolero
  • Electric Wonderland
  • Don't Talk, Dance!
  • Ten
  • Sunlight

* PDF version!
* Spiral Bound Print Version!
* Audio Mp3s & Backing Tracks!

Hi there,

After fourteen albums released and twenty years as a recording artist, I have finally got around to releasing a music book of tunes I recorded. Like all jazz musicians, I practiced jazz back in the day with 'real books'. A real book chart is all a jazz musician needs to have in order to interpret the music. Essentially a real book chart is a piece of music with only the melody and chords written. Any integral rhythms and bass lines are usually sketched in too, but for the most part, any instrumentalist is in their element with this format. And so jazz musicians collect real books by the dozen so they are never at a loss in a professional performing situation.

So here is mine. Seventy six songs taken from eleven recorded albums. (Instrumental compositions only).

You can order the PDF version, the spiral bound print version, or both. (When you order the print version, you also get the PDF version). Many of these songs are available as mp3 backing tracks (not quite all), and there is an option to order those, along with the original album recordings.

Both PDF and print version charts are super high rez. Take a look at one example here. Open the index here to all songs included in this collection.

I love it when I hear other musicians playing my compositions. So feel free to use these charts to make your own arrangements. Have fun!