Blue Bolero reports

I was impressed with Blue Bolero as I sampled a few cuts on arrival. Yesterday I had a chance to sit down and listen from beginning to end and was blown away with the creativeness and coehesion of the work as a body. Your playing is awesome and the album is a pleasure to experience. You hit a bulls eye with this one, Chris. Thanks for sharing this with us. I look forward to future works. - Sam Collins

Dear Chris,
Just received my copy of Blue Bolero. I'm struck by the unique, imaginative melding of orchestral, studio and combo elements. Thanks to your ahead-of-the-curve use of e-mail marketing and social media outlets, I've been able to follow this project since you were just tossing around the notion; it's been a delightful journey to share, and the end result is nothing short of masterful. Thanks for your music and passion, and happy holidays. - Randall Seefeldt

Chris - I'm totally blown away by your Blue Bolero album. Now I have to get the rest of 'em. The record is so "Chris". It is on my Ipod now. Thank you for the "eargasm". There aren't that many left in the world. It was also very uplifting. Your sound and technique are off the chain. I ain't gonna say no more 'cause I could go on and on about it. - Phil Upchurch, recording artist and guitarist with Michael Jackson, George Benson and many more.