About Blue Bolero

It has been my ambition for many years to record an album with an orchestra. With the recent demise of all jazz record labels I figured that if I was going to make this happen I would have to grab the bull by the horns. So I did. I also wanted to take a major left turn musically on this album and as soon as I started messing around with orchestral samples, the drive to realize this project became much bigger than me.

The entire album is extremely cinematic and represents, in a somewhat vague fashion, the journey I took as a musically driven youngster to the person I am today, still musically driven but just that little bit older. From my upbringing on a farm outside Aylesbury in England, making the move to London and finally the big move to Los Angeles, California, Blue Bolero is kind of the movie of my life so far.

Not wishing to make myself sound too dark, windswept and let's face it, infernally annoying, the concept of this somewhat autobiographical project certainly was meant to be fun, but with musical elements that reflect my musical training, influences and cultural surroundings. This is something I have certainly not entertained on previous albums. The music here is based around several themes and represents a very reflective mood throughout. I hope you enjoy the journey as much as I have.

All the best!