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  • Release Date: June 21st 2019
  • Label: Ultimate Vibe Recordings
  • Producer: Chris Standring, Rodney Lee, Matt Cooper
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Order the complete Chris Standring download set - (1989 to latest release). Everything released thus far including bonus tracks.
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The 'Best Of Chris Standring remixed' showcases this popular british jazz guitarist in a whole new light. With the help of hipster producers Rodney Lee and Matt Cooper, Chris Standring presents eleven of his most popular songs (plus bonus mix) completely reinvented and remixed with a fresh urban club vibe, yet retaining his unique soul-jazz hypnotic flavor. This project is sure to intrigue old fans and new.

Note: There are only eight tracks on the vinyl album version, four tracks per side. The remaining four can be downloaded after purchase of the LP.

Side 1
01: Stop It! (Mercury Mix 2019)
02: Fast Train To Everywhere (Jupiter Mix 2019)
03: Bossa Blue (Outside Mix 2019)
04: Pandora's Box (Saturn Mix 2019)

Side 2
01: Liquid Soul (Venus Mix 2019)
02: Kaleidoscope (Neptune Mix 2019)
03: Sneakin' Out The Front Door (Earth Mix 2019)
04: Soul Express (Love Mix 2018)


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