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Chris Standring street teamIt's the ultimate street team program!

You can make great money simply by telling your friends about my latest album!

It works very simply. I give you a little text link or widget, whichever you prefer. This link is unique to you, which you can use to tell anyone about my albums. When any one clicks on that link, it takes them to a web page where they get to hear my latest album. If they decide to purchase, YOU make 40% commission on each sale. It's as simple as that. All you have to do is spread the word, and I can even help you with lots of groovy ideas.

Your unique link contains all the information the system needs to track your commissions!

"How much can I make?" I hear you ask? Well I'll tell you. You will make anywhere between $4.80 and $78.80 per order, depending on which product they purchase.

As you can see, you can potentially make great money! But I will tell you from experience, the best way to really get the best results from this street team program is to simply spread the word as if you were a fan just wanting to get the word out because you love the music. It will be much more successfull this way as you won't be marketing aggressively, you will simply be urging others to hear your favourite artist. The big bonus is that you get to make money for all your efforts. And the more effort you put into spreading the word, the more potential money there is to make!

So, read on and if you are motivated to make money and spread the word to your friends at the same time, whether via email, facebook, myspace or twitter and so on, then feel free to sign up for the program. I'll be right here to help you when you need me.

  • What is a Street Team?
    A street team is a family of devoted fans who want to support and see their favourite artist or band succeed. Traditionally, they have hit the streets handing out promotional goods as well as using their own creative ideas to increase the awareness of the band. In today's virtual world, we know we can get to many more targetted fans online, through social networking groups.

  • How can I be a part of this street team?
    Becoming a street team member is simple. Complete the signup form and submit. You will then get an autoresponder email telling you how to grab your unique link which you can use to spread the word.

  • What's in it for us?
    Unlike any other street team program in the world, you get paid for your efforts. Those street team members who really come through successfully will also be rewarded with special privileges, including free merchandise and guest tickets to Chris' shows.

  • What on earth are we supposed to do?
    Do you have a website? if so then plant your text link or widget on your page so visitors can click on it.

    Do you have a MySpace page? Here is where you can be as diligent as your heart's desire. You can target specific groups that like this type of music and 'befriend them'. then you can invite them to click on your unique link. I'll give you more info about this when you sign up.

    Do you have a Facebook or Twitter account? Target your friends and find groups who enjoy this kind of music.

    Do you own an opt-in subscriber email list? If so, send your subscribers an email recommending this album via your unique link.

  • What are we NOT allowed to do?
    You absolutely must not spam anyone! Aquiring bulk mail lists is a big no no and NEVER works! There are ways to do these things very effectively and safely, and I can tell you exactly how to do this once you step inside.

  • How often do we get paid?
    We pay all commissions on the 1st of every month without fail. You will be paid instantly via Paypal. If you do not have a paypal account you should set one up (it's free).

  • Who manages the team?
    All sales and commissions are automatically logged in our system. You can send me a message personally, should you need any help with anything. Other than that you are on your own. Self-motivation is the key. But your efforts will not go unnoticed and you will be rewarded well!

  • Does it cost any money to join?
    Absolutely nothing!

  • Can anyone signup?
    Anyone can signup to be a street team member. However, it is important to realize that street team members work very hard for us. They are in the business of promoting this music. This is not a fan club or bulletin board, it is a group of devoted fans who want to see the music rise to the top. If you are prepared to hit the 'virtual' streets and help, we welcome you aboard. Please fill out the form below and submit. You will then receive an e-mail autoresponder with all the required info you need to start promoting right away

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