"...The 405 freeway north looks pretty good right now, just a little backed up southbound around Wilshire Blvd. Expect slow moving traffic on the 10 west around Lincoln blvd, due to a non injury accident. On the 134 eastbound there are delays in North Hollywood around Cahuenga, an injury accident caused by a drunken motorcyclist skidding off into a tree. The 118 West at Tampa Ave is bumper to bumper with a fatal accident where two speed cops just gunned down a robbery getaway car killing the driver and passenger. If you are driving southbound on the 5, try to take alternative routes, as it is complete gridlock around Santa Monica Blvd. Another fatality causing slow traffic with 3 mutilated bodies strewn across the freeway, arms and legs just everywhere, lots of blood, guts hanging out of dead bodies, really quite a mess. Surface streets look pretty good right now, that's it from sky traffic, back to you Ken in the studio....".