I'm going back to England for Christmas this year. Did all my gift shopping this week and I'm ready. Armed! I bought one particular present for a certain member of my family. Won't say what it was (in case they get to read this) but let's just say that before I wrapped it, I picked it up and read it! I loved this item. Made me laugh a lot. Good presents can do that. My quandary is this; if the gift in question has been, you know, "looked over" and left in fine, first class, ship shape, is the item then deemed "second hand goods?". Physcologically I should be hesitant to give this present now. It has been used after all. It is not new despite its sparkling appearance. I have decided I am going to give it anyway. I will come clean to the receiving person and ask their thoughts. Should they respond negatively, I have no intention of listening.