From time to time I have to get in my car and drive to unfamiliar places for any number of reasons. Isn't it always a nightmare when you ask someone for directions and they insist on their "Honestly it's by far the quickest way" tried and tested method?
I'm looking at this person; nodding my head saying repeatedly to myself "I just won't get there". I've even given up after I hear "Second on left, three traffic lights, past two stop signs". I'm holding my breath eager to hear the words "Then you just can't miss it". Sadly this is just the beginning. The start of what will manifest into a long, long drive ahead. I prepare myself...

I think the message here is not the speed it takes to get from point A to point B but how cleverly one can achieve it. For some strange reason the male species insist on sharing such inconvenient trivia. Women on the other hand seem to have no interest in such matters. It's definitely a guy thing, Nay, a penile thing. Thank god for street maps!