I think it is fair to say that many people who live in Hollywood are not the brightest as a general rule. I'm referring mainly to those who insist on giving the impression of wealth and success. And let's be honest it seems to be religion around these parts. Now who are these people really fooling and more importantly why? As most citizens of Hollywood are in the entertainment profession it can be assumed that if one drives a nice car and talks the big talk, a part in a movie shall be procured. Perhaps one might get to direct or produce! What these losers fail to see is that Hollywood actually doesn't give two hoots about how anybody is doing. All it wants to know is that the person in question can deliver the goods. Can you imagine a Hollywood director saying at a casting session,
"Mr. Smith I understand you are interested in auditioning for the role of Tarzan?"
"Yes that is correct sir"
"Tell me Mr. Smith, how much do you make in a year?"
"About $10,000 and all the food stamps I can get"
"Well then I'm sorry Mr. Smith, you really don't make enough money to star in a movie with a company such as ours. But good luck anyway. Next please"
(You know we're not talking rocket science here!)