1) "I'll call you!"
Translation: "I won't be calling you but more importantly please don't call me!"

2) "Let's do lunch!"
Translation: "You seem like a very nice person but I'm really way too busy to give you any of my time!"

3) "Let's talk again when the smoke clears"
Translation: "The smoke won't be clearing anytime soon".

4) "Cool dude!"
Translation: "I like to surf and am therefore justified in not being able to comment in any articulate fashion!"

5) "What's happening man?"
Translation: Please include me in any fun social events you might be attending"

6) "I'll meet you at 8.00pm"
Translation: Expect me sometime after you get there!"

7) "Can I buy you a drink miss?"
Translation: You have wonderful breasts and I'd be excited to bury my face amongst them!"

8) "What exactly do you do?"
Translation: "Do you really make any money at all?"

9) "Let me call you right back"
Translation: I have someone on the other line much more likely to give me money than you so let's talk later"

10) "Let's talk later"
Translation: "I don't really care if we talk later"

11) "I think I'll have the pasta"
Translation: "The filet mignon is way too expensive!"

12) "I love you man"
Translation: "You do something for me, I'll do something for you".

13) "Later Dude"
Translation: (Infinite possibilities);
a) "Not right now I'm busy snorting heroin"
b) "I think I'll have the pasta" (Speaking directly to the Filet Mignon!)