Once a week I go to the track in Studio City. I run and do a short work out. It's a pathetic attempt at life-preservation I know, but a brief burst of energy on a Saturday afternoon is about as much as I can muster. Every week I see about five or six reasonably young, able-bodied humans just walking. Not even, ambling! They seem to be making no effort at all. Fascinating. Their arms aren't even forcefully going from side to side. They are simply looking at the clouds and walking! They jump out of their cars dressed in sports wear and meander around for half an hour. What are these people on? By comparison, I must seem like an Olympic gold medallist. Perhaps they can honestly say "I went to the track today." God forbid someone might ask "And what did you do there?" Personally I think these folks should drive to West Hollywood, walk down Melrose Avenue dressed in their Nike sportswear, and GO SHOPPING! At least kill two birds with one stone!