When I was in my twenties and really trying to get ahead in the world, I might once in a while make the odd social telephone call just to make sure I was 'in' with the right people. I remember a few times hearing, "Yes Chris, what can I do for you", an indifference I would really have preferred not to hear. My subconscious would reply "Well you can cheer up a bit for starters". Alas I was still in my twenties, recovering from puberty and very concerned about making the right impression. So for a long time I would just wish I never made the call in the first place. What is interesting is that I never forgot who those people were and I always made a point never to contact them unless I really had to. Of course now I am a little older I know how to deal with this coldness. Maybe one or two of these retorts would have been quite effective:

Q) "Yes Chris, what can I do for you?"
A1) "Well you know my car could do with a good clean!"
A2) "I'm gathering information for a survey I'm currently doing on telephone conduct, I may have enough on you already, but while I have you...."
A3) "Nothing really, I just had a spare moment and I thought I'd give you a call. I assumed you wouldn't be doing anything!"
A4) "Well now there's a leading question. Maybe we should take it slow at first, you know not leap into anything major. Perhaps dinner, a movie?"