I've always believed that the sausage was one of the great food groups of the world, one of the few items that should never be left on a plate. No matter how full I am after a large dose of cholesterol it is impossible for me to leave a sausage in front of me uneaten. Perish the thought! That sausage holds far too much importance to be left alone. I am uncomfortable when I see sporadic sausages on other people's plates. "How can you just leave that sitting there?" I think to myself. "Do you realize that's a SAUSAGE left on your plate?" I am equally frustrated when I attend certain social gatherings and the cold buffet includes a large plate of sausages with sticks in them. I know I can't finish all of them by myself, other people have to help, but instinctively I know others are simply not as concerned as I. Let's not forget this sacred food item. I applaud the substantial sausage!