Now I'm not a religious man. In fact some friends of mine might even say that deep down I might even be just a little shallow. Well that's alright with me. However, in my defense, I would like to comment on the depth of L.A. society, if indeed there be any at all. "Deep" in this city generally refers to those people who have "got in touch with themselves", are "centered" and "dealing with their issues". This, and the belief that there really is a cosmic underworld that only truly beautiful people can get to if they spend enough time in the gym! Well let me just say that here in Hollywood there is much that needs "centering" not a great deal worth "getting in touch with" and as far as finding that all important "inner child" is concerned I would say trying to reach that "outer adult!" might be something to discuss. Now there's an "issue" right there!

Which leads me to the question: Are these people deep? I would say they're in it up to their ankles!