I have never felt comfortable in department stores. In fact I think I have developed a phobia I'm not sure why. I just can't stand them. I think it might be because I can never see where they end. Wherever you are in them, you're just getting started. Deep down I know that what I'm looking for is the farthest floor, tucked away somewhere out of sight. And then I have to deal with the elevators. Where the hell are they anyway? Well OK here's the down but where's the up? The worse thing is going into a department store NOT knowing what you want to buy. Say perhaps a present for someone. Well forget it, I'm gone! I think my phobia began way back in England in the winter time when I would put on 3 sweaters and 2 vests to go out in the bitter cold, walk into a department store and bam - the heating is up in the hundreds and I'm gagging in my clothes! I'm pretty sure that's when all the trouble started.