I moved permanently to Los Angeles during February of 1991 after ten years living in London. Those ten years were somewhat frustrating to me despite a solid and enjoyable first three years music school education. It was the remaining seven that I found hard. Difficult in the sense that I had glamourous aspirations and a career drive that few others shared. It was therefore only a matter of time before I would leave. America was the perfect place as I had spent eight months there during 1980, hitch-hiking from Miami to New Orleans, delivering pizzas on a moped around the French Quarter and eventually ending up in LA making sandwiches for an English couple in a restaurant in Northridge! Ah those were the days. Eventually the town got under my skin and I was inevitably drawn to living there.

Once I arrived in LA (twenty years later) I went through a tremendous cultural change. I found that English people and Americans were joined by a common language only. Everything else seemed worlds apart. I decided to get my thoughts and lifestyle observations down on paper, much like a journal. The idea of a journal however, seemed a little dull to me so I decided to record my thoughts alphabetically, and with some attempt at humour.

Ten years later, I still have these silly anecdotes. I rarely add new ones so I guess it is time to do something with them. In all honesty I have been reluctant to go public with this book because much of it is so personal and was never really intended to be anything else. And with that, here is the really big disclaimer...